Senior Infants October 2020

Senior Infants October 2020
Senior Infants October 2020

Senior Infants transformed themselves into Witches and Wizards this month....they were busy purchasing their ingredients for their potions in the Wizard and Witches Den, concocting various potions to cast their spells.

Along with the Hallowe'en theme, the children were learning new rhymes: "Old Mother Witch" , "Hallowe'en" and "My Spider". They were singing "Witch, Witch!", "Hallowe'en's Coming" and "Scary Spooky Skeletons". They also learned about traditional Irish Hallowe'en Traditions and played some games.

We read "Room on the Broom" and "A Witch with an Itch".

We also explored Autumn as a season and looked for sign of Autumn around us. We painted Autumn Trees and learned about what the animals would be doing at this time of the year to get ready for their big sleep hibernation. We made a hedgehog out of clay and read "Don't Hog the Hedge"

To celebrate our Midterm Break, we dressed up on our last day..... we hope you like our photos.

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