Memories of Junior Infants 2019/2020

Memories of Junior Infants 2019/2020

We had such a terrific year in Junior Infants. Although it was shorter than usual, we still managed to pack a lot in!

We really loved Golden Time on Fridays- we played on the Astroturf, iced some buns, brought in toys from home and did lots of other fun things too.

For Halloween we all came to school in our costumes and Iryna painted our faces!

We had so much fun getting ready for our Christmas concert, we really liked rehearsing in the hall. There are lots of brilliant actors and actresses in Junior Infants, some of us might even win an Oscar in years to come!

We loved art- sticking, cutting, gluing, and painting is so much fun especially when it is messy!

We built some amazing things in the construction area. Dermot Bannon would be thrilled to have some of our builders working with him!

There are some amazing hurlers in Junior Infants, we were all so good at balancing bean bags on our hurley. Some of us might even play for Cork!

We always looked forward to Zumba with Frank, we learned some great dance moves!

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